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Wayne – Support Director

His Needs

Wayne defies the stereotypical depiction of an IT support professional – active in weight training, hunting and fishing.

His Problem

Wayne noticed pain in his shoulder after reaching over a shower door.  What started as something minor continued to get worse over the next 4 months until his shoulder was sore and stiff enough it interfered with his ability to exercise.


His Therapy

Wayne appeared with a shoulder impingement.  He reported that he also had a pretty serious bout of neck pain a few weeks earlier, and it appeared that his job – specifically the postures he assumed for hours on end – had gotten the better of him.  Despite exercise, jobs that require prolonged sitting in front of a computer are linked to poor posture and an increased incidence of spinal stiffness and shoulder pain.

We started to work immediately on his shoulder stiffness using hands-on shoulder stretching and mobilization.  He was given written and illustrated instructions for a few tasks he could do while at work to improve his shoulder and spinal mobility.

His Results

Over the course of 6 visits, we were able to restore his shoulder motion, eliminate his pain, and he was now able to perform exercises to keep his neck and shoulder flexible, strong, and pain free, while improving his posture at work.

“I am very excited no only to stop the pain medicine, but to also learn how to continue to maintain my shoulder health.” -Wayne

Terry Rehabilitation & Testing | Physical Rehabilitation and Functional Testing