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Mathai – Retiree




His Needs

Mathai is a retired machinist who underwent triple cardiac bypass over ten years ago. As a result, his top priority is now cardiovascular fitness.




His Problem

After trying a new shoulder pullover exercise at the local recreational gym, he experienced pain in both shoulders that became much more intense and significantly limited his motion, resulting in “frozen shoulders” over the next month, limiting his ability to perform basic activities, like reaching, pulling, tucking in and pulling over his shirt.

His Therapy

We elected a progressive home flexibility and strength program. Because Mathai is diabetic, his pain started just 6 weeks earlier, and he regularly exercises, aggressive, in-clinc intervention was not necessary.

His Results

After three weeks, Mathai was able to return to the gym where he was injured and restart his normal workout. Although he still had pain when he reached to his limit in specific directions, he had no pain with regular daily activities. Frozen shoulders typically take several months to resolve, so Mathai was given detailed instructions, and was allowed to call back to schedule a follow-up visit at any time.

“My therapist was experience, on time, with a friendly approach who used systematic steps to make my shoulders and arms feel much better.” -Mathai

Terry Rehabilitation & Testing | Physical Rehabilitation and Functional Testing