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Victor – Contractor/Fitness Fanatic

Victor - Contractor, Fitness Fanatic

His Needs

He normally has to climb, jump, twist and turn on the job site. He’s also a self-admitted fitness fanatic.

20 years ago Victor tore both of his anterior cruciate ligaments in separate accidents. About 10 years ago he developed chronic low back pain. He’d lived with pain and limitations – no longer participating in some of his favorite activities – despite nearly 10 years of regular chiropractic adjustments.


His Therapy

Victor’s knee therapy initially concentrated on restoring his motion – he had been allowed to wear his brace with a slightly flexed knee for almost 3 weeks, while waiting to start therapy at a clinic owned by his surgeon.  After restoring his ability to straighten, we then focused on strength training, agility and balance – all were performed within the precautionary constraints imposed by the surgery.  Then he had the same surgery on the other knee but this time things were different.  He knew from the start what he could do, and how best to care for his knee, so therapy was much shorter.

By then end of therapy for his second knee surgery, Victor told us about the problems that he’d had with his back, and we addressed that by aggressive flexibility training – restoring pain-free motion to his spine and allowing him to move in the way in which he was designed to move.  Victor was given guidelines to use so that he knew when he had done too much or to little.

His Result

Shortly after his second knee surgery and rehab, he was able to return to the jobsite with confidence in his knees. After getting a separate prescription for evaluation and treatment (2 visits) of his back pain, he was able to return to waterskiing, long distance running, and a heavy workout schedule without fear of injury.

Terry Rehabilitation & Testing | Physical Rehabilitation and Functional Testing