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You Can’t Fix Knee Arthritis, Can You?

Wear and tear of the joint surfaces (called osteoarthritis) occurs with age.  It’s accelerated in those who have sustained significant trauma to the knee.

The truth is that the worn joint surfaces many times aren’t the cause of pain, or are only a minor cause.  Many people have significant arthritis with little or no pain.

The secondary effects of chronic inflammation and joint damage – stiffness of the connective tissue surrounding the knee, weakness of the muscles of the lower extremity, and tightness of those same muscles – result in higher reaction forces along the joint, with increased pain as a result.

What If I’ve Just Had a Knee Replacement?

Joint replacement is one of the wonders of our age, and knee replacements are among the most dependable and easy to recover from quickly – if you get your therapy right from the start.

Chronic “Calf Strain” That Won’t Go Away?

Sometimes a “calf strain” isn’t in the calf.  Sometimes it’s the first sign of dysfunction of the knee.  Because the interior of your body is not designed to relay precise pain location, a knee problem can masquerade as calf pain.  This is called “referred” pain, just like the accounts of neck or jaw pain with a heart attack.

What Can Be Done?

We can employ a variety of treatment approaches: manual therapy to quickly restore your range of motion; strength and flexibility training targeted to reduce your pain; and a specific progression of activities to restore your ability to work, play, and live your life.

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Terry Rehabilitation & Testing | Physical Rehabilitation and Functional Testing