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Julio – Maintenance Supervisor

His Needs

Julio works as a Maintenance Supervisor and prides himself on his physical fitness.

His Problem

Julio was bent over putting together a shop vac, and then tried to stand up…except that he couldn’t.



Pain prevented him from standing at all, and over the next few days was severely impacting his ability to get around, bend, and lift, and prevented him from engaging in his normal work out routine.  For work and daily life, Julio needed a quick solution that would allow him to get his problem under control as quickly as possible.

His Therapy

Julio’s condition was evaluated about a week after his injury, when his pain and limitations failed to improve on their own.  Directional preference was established, he was given a specific exercise to perform hourly, and he felt an immediate reduction in his symptoms.  He attended 2 more appointments, early in the morning, just before he had to report to work, where he worked on his flexibility and strength.  A final “check out” visit ensured he was ready to engage in unrestricted activities and laid out instructions for any future problems.

His Results

He was quickly able to return to basic fitness activities (running) that were in a neutral or extended posture.  Just a few days later, he had completely eliminated his symptoms, and was able to return to lifting, pulling, pushing and all fitness activities without pain or restriction.  He has made a few slight modifications to his regular exercise routine to continue to work on his flexibility, and knows that he can contact us any time in the next year to return for a follow-up visit, without having to consult his physician first.

“It is truly incredible how fast I was able to recover. The one-on-one personal care and attention is the best way to a quick recovery.” -Julio

Terry Rehabilitation & Testing | Physical Rehabilitation and Functional Testing