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Sports Injury Rehabilitation

Get you game back as quickly as possibleReturning Better, Stronger, Faster, Safer

From the moment a sports injury occurs, our goal is to return you to your chosen sport or hobby as quickly and safely as possible.  We employ a continuum of activities – from low impact to high; low resistance to high; low velocity to high – to ensure that you start as early as possible down the road to recovery without taking even a step backward.

We also cover the full spectrum of athletic injuries: whether you sprained it last night, strained it last year, or had surgery last week. From the limping and swelling to the final shot of the game – our orthopedic and sports rehabilitation specialists are with you every step (or swing, or jump) of the way.

Why See a Physical Therapist?

Your therapist is not only versed in aspects of your sport, he is the expert in the care of your injury – both before and after surgery.

Your physical therapist is a member of the team that will return you to sports, specifically coordinating your care with your Primary Care Physician, Team Physician, Orthopedic Surgeon, Athletic Trainer and Personal Trainer, to ensure that you don’t waste any time getting back, but that you do it in a safe manner that reduces your risk for future injury.

Getting Down to Specifics

Sports-specific rehabilitation incorporates key biomechanical aspects of your sport or recreational activity into your treatment program. Jumping, cutting, hopping, swinging – all are integrated seamlessly so when we say you are ready, you’re really ready to return to play.

Terry Rehabilitation & Testing | Physical Rehabilitation and Functional Testing