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ConciergeCare Therapy

Hebron ClinicWhat is Concierge Care Therapy?

“Concierge Care Therapy” delivers expert one-on-one care directly to you – where you live or work – providing the convenience and flexibility you need to stay productive and on task. Think of the time and productivity saved by having therapy delivered on your schedule – driving, check-in, check out, driving back to the office – avoiding a major break in the workday or a major event after work.

How Does it Work?

Anyone that prefers to have care provided at the home, office, or gym, is eligible, and can request Concierge Care Therapy.  Your care cannot be managed by a home health agency.   Any orthopedic problem that can be treated in clinic can be treated at home or in the office.

Appointments are scheduled with the therapist, who will bring any needed equipment or materials.  Services are billed as usual, and you will be responsible for all coinsurance, co-payments, and deductibles.  In addition, you’ll pay a trip fee based on travel time from one of our facilities.  This fee is a non-medical service fee, and is not covered by medical insurance.  If required, additional home rental equipment (electrical stimulators, traction units, etc) are covered by most health insurers.

How Do I Set It Up?

If you don’t have a prescription for physical therapy, have your physician fax one to (866) 451-0585, with “Physical Therapy Evaluate and Treat” clearly marked.  Our staff will contact you to schedule, and you’ll then specify that you want Concierge Care Therapy.

If you are a provider, fill out this prescription form and fax it to our office.

If you have already been referred for physical therapy, call us to schedule.  We’ll need to have a copy of your physical therapy prescription at your first appointment. We will contact the patient to schedule the evaluation and treatment within one business day.  The remainder of care will progress just as if it had occurred in one of our facilities.  If you’re in the area, you can even stop by for treatment there if you’d like.

Check our Outpatient Rehabilitation Page and click on the address closest to your location.  This will take you straight to a map where you can plot your location, and calculate your drive time.  Give this drive time to your staff, and you’re ready to book your first visit!

Terry Rehabilitation & Testing | Physical Rehabilitation and Functional Testing