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Ancillary Services

Home Products

Sometimes recovery can be hastened or completed through the use of selected and prescribed home products, such as electrical stimulators, traction units, or other aids, such as shoulder pulleys, yoga straps, and back supports. We stock all of these items or can set you up (through an insurance approved vendor) to have these items sent to your home, and train you on their use.

Ergonomic Assessment and Analysis

Do you feel that your work environment is contributing to your aches and pains? Do you have a home office and don’t know how best to set it up? Are you representing an employer, and you have concerns about how your employees’ sitting and working habits may influence your workers’ compensation claims and productivity?

Contact us today for a customized assessment and reasonable recommendations!

Functional Capacity Evaluation

When rehabilitation is over, a Functional Capacity Evaluation can assist your treating physician and employer in determining what you will or will not be able to do safely at work. We offer a fully customizable product that answers all the questions you have! Contact us for more information. Payment can be covered by workers’ compensation or disability insurance, or through a negotiated arrangement.

EMG/Nerve Conduction

Electromyography and Nerve Conduction testing assess the function of your peripheral nervous system, and can assist your physician in determining the nature and location of problems that cause spinal or joint pain, numbness and tingling, or muscular weakness.