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Pauline – Executive Assistant

Pauline - Executive AssistantHer Needs

Pauline is an executive assistant – a high stress job holding her to her chair much of the day.

Her Problem

Over time, she developed pain in her neck that radiated to the left upper back and arm, and causing headaches, interfering with her ability to work and live her life.  On her examination, she had very limited neck, shoulder, and upper back mobility – limited by stiffness and pain.

Her Therapy

Her therapy focused on restoring motion to the joints of her spine, educating her about the role that her posture plays in her problem, while giving her specific, easy, targeted movements to improve her posture and increase her mobility.

Her Results

After just three visits, Pauline found her pain was gone, and that her motion was improving.  She suffered one additional bout of neck pain while ill, but with the tools that she gained from her therapy, she was quickly able to get it under control.

My neck pain had gotten so bad and I was doubtful that something as simple as therapy could help.