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What To Know and Bring

What Will Happen?

Your first therapy appointment will consist of an initial evaluation to determine the extent and nature of your problem, and to determine the need and future course of your care. Treatment goals are also laid out as part of the initial evaluation.

How Long Will It Take?

Because the evaluation process (especially if you have a complicated problem or multiple problems) is rather lengthy, you might receive only a minimal amount of treatment at your first appointment. Allow about 80-90 minutes for the intake paperwork, evaluation, and first treatment.

What Do I Need to Bring?

Bring the following items with you for your first therapy appointment:

  1. Your Physical Therapy Prescription (see below)
  2. Your insurance card and picture identification.
  3. Glasses or hearing aids, if applicable.
  4. X-ray, MRI, or other diagnostic reports.
  5. A list of your current medications, previous surgeries, and previous medical problems.
  6. Shorts and sneakers for all lower extremity problems.
  7. Tank top or a sleeveless shirt for all shoulder problems.
  8. Short-sleeved shirt for all upper extremity problems.
  9. Hair band or clip for all neck problems, if you have long hair.
  10. Something for your driver to do while he/she is waiting, if you are not driving yourself.

Physical Therapy Prescription

While we can perform testing and examination and formulate a therapy plan of care, Texas law prohibits me from providing any advice or treatment without a prescription from your physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, chiropractor, or dentist.

A valid physical therapy prescription can come from any authorized provider, in any state or country, and has no expiration date. It can be written or electronic, faxed to us or brought with you.

We prefer a prescription that comes from directly the referring providers office, with the words “Evaluate and Treat” so that we can establish a plan of care that best fits you and your problem. Occasionally, we may need to alter or defer treatment until we have a signed Plan of Care from your referring provider.

Terry Rehabilitation & Testing | Physical Rehabilitation and Functional Testing