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Referral FAQs

Therapy Prescriptions are Required in Texas

Because physical therapists are much more involved in caring for their patients than political activism, the State of Texas is one of only a few areas of the industrialized world where a prescription is required to initiate physical therapy treatment.

“Evaluate and Treat” – A Winning Therapy Prescription

“Evaluate and Treat” and including any other pertinent information, like precautions, limitations, or suggested/recommended treatments is the best thing for the patient, and saves everyone time and effort.

Things like frequency and duration of visits and specific treatments do not need to be noted, unless there is a specific preference.

FAX the prescription to us. We will contact the patient and start care as soon as possible.

Legal Issues and Therapy Prescriptions

After relocating to Texas, I contacted the Executive Council of Physical and Occupational Therapy Examiners to find out what the legal parameters were surrounding a therapy prescription. I had just received a therapy prescription that said “Patellofemoral pain. Hamstring stretches, straight leg raises, home exercise program.”

In this case, ECPTOTE informed me that my entire treatment program, unless modified/replaced by another order, would be restricted to only those two exercises. No other intervention is legally allowed. Application of an ice pack (or the recommendation of ice) would violate Texas law.

In most cases, a very restrictive prescription like this was not the intention of the prescribing physician, but was an omission of “Evaluate and Treat” before making specific treatment recommendations. Regardless of the reason, we must amend the order to provide appropriate care outside of those treatments explicitly allowed.

Why Fax the Prescription?

Your prescribing provider will receive timely communication if there is a problem or delay in initiating treatment.

We can verify benefits, give specific directions, and take care of any other unexpected issues before the appointment, if needed.

If you are the referring provider, faxing the prescription, and allowing us to contact the patient reduces procrastination and compliance problems.

Terry Rehabilitation & Testing | Physical Rehabilitation and Functional Testing