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Nazia – Singer/Entertainer

Nazia - Singer/EntertainerHer Needs

In addition to working as a singer and entertainer, Nazia participated in regular kickboxing, jogging, and weight training.

Her Problem

Nazia fell, landing on the front of her right knee. Despite months of rest and anti-inflammatory medications, her leg felt as weak and painful as ever – changing her knee and hip mechanics during activities like going up and down steps – leading to more pain and weakness.


Her Therapy

A specialized program was developed for her – utilizing a combination of manual therapy, strength, flexibility, balance, and agility training,  as well as taping and bracing to restore her normal lower extremity mechanics and control.

Her Results

A few weeks later, able to discontinue any tape or bracing, she was back to her cardio kickboxing class without pain.

I’m just glad I don’t have to take the medicine anymore.