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Hal – Active Retiree

Hal - Active RetireeHis Needs

Hal is an active retiree who recently retired to Little Elm.

His Problem

Last spring he noticed pain and swelling in his knee – the same one that had been operated on decades earlier. He had trouble getting up and walking, climbing stairs, and squatting, and had to stop swimming and avoid other activities. It was even waking him up at night.  After being referred to an orthopedist who later injected his knee, Hal was still having problems.


His Therapy

When he came to us, we performed an in-depth mechanical evaluation of his knee that revealed swelling, weakness, and a knee flexion contracture.  Targeted manual therapy fixed the contracture, while specific strength training and flexibility exercises took the pressure off his arthritic knee and put it back on the muscles of the leg.

His Results

After 6 visits, his newly found flexibility and strength allowed him to go back to all of his previous activities without pain.

I never thought it would feel this good again