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Is This the "Therapy" You're Used To?Is This “Therapy” To You?

It’s not to us! Too many corporate chains and physician-owned ventures see therapy as simply a cash cow, forcing you to double or even triple-book to match some dollar-figure their accountant has set from the back office.

Making A Difference?

While you’re managing the constant chaos, your patients’ problems drag on because you don’t have time to adequately address them, their benefits are maxed out, or they drop out because they don’t feel their copayment is justified.  You feel…well, not very fulfilled!  Not why you got into therapy is it?

Doing what’s best for the patient is doing what’s best for the business.

By booking patients sensibly, we can keep attendance high, provide personalized treatment and education, and make a real difference. That’s why as many as 67% of our patients come to us on the recommendation of a family member or friend, or come back to have another problem solved.