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Ed – Exercise & Sports Enthusiast

Ed - Inside Sales, Strength Training Enthusiast

His Needs

Ed spends most of his work day on the phone, and enjoys weight training and sports when he’s not at work.

His Problem

After prolonged shoulder and neck pain, he underwent subacromial decompression.  Rather than attending the therapy that was prescribed by his surgeon, Ed returned to the gym.

Although initially better, his neck pain returned with a vengeance about 4 weeks later, and his shoulder stiffened up.  He was referred back to therapy to take care of both his neck and shoulder problems.

His Therapy

We quickly restored his shoulder motion, using thoracic spinal manipulation to alleviate his other symptoms until we could focus specifically on his lower neck.  We adjusted his weight training routine to enhance Ed’s posture while on the phone, and restored his neck motion, alleviating his pain completely.

His Results

Ed was able to return to strength training at the gym, volleyball, and long hours on the phone in just 4 visits.

I’d still be fumbling around and in pain today if I didn’t go see Guy.