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Craig – Avid Golfer

Craig - Periodontist, Avid GolferHis Needs

Craig’s work as a periodontist requires that his back, shoulder, wrists, and hands work together in concert.

His Problem

When he was injured in a car accident and required surgery to repair torn cartilage in his shoulder, he needed a smooth, uncomplicated recovery.

Soon he was back to work, but realized that his golf game had suffered. Loss of motion as a result of trauma and surgery that significantly altered his backswing at the tee box.  He looked to his golf coach and his therapist to come up with a solution together.

His Therapy

Using input from his golf coach, Craig’s program shifted from a typical postoperative program to a specialized program developed for additional flexibility and the high-velocity strength needed to keep his golf swing at it’s best.

His Result

With his sport-specific program, Craig got what he needed – a return to golf on his own terms and with his old swing.

>My goal was to get back to work, but just as important was playing golf. Prior to surgery and physical therapy, I was an 18 handicap. I am now a 12 handicap. Guy did a great job enhancing my flexibility and strength for work and play.