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Chuck – Civil Engineer

CHUCKHis Needs

Chuck is a civil engineer who spends much of his time flying back and forth to projects in California.

His Problem

Chuck suffered an old sports injury long ago that left his knee without a ligament.  Over time it became arthritic, stiff, and eventually required replacement.

His Therapy

Due to many years of degeneration and stiffness, our primary focus was on restoration of his range of motion.

Chuck’s therapy started at home.  We coordinated with his agency and surgeon so that his therapy transitioned to the clinic in accordance with his needs, rather than on an arbitrary time line.

His Results

After 11 visits, Chuck’s flexibility and strength allowed him to return to his regular exercise, strength training routine, and travel.

Had a new knee and a few complications…Guy made it work in just a few sessions.  He’s the best!