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63 y/o Home Business Owner – Knee Replacement

Her knee had been bothering her for years – “bone on bone” as the phrase goes – so she finally decided to pursue knee replacement. She underwent a complete medial meniscectomy (removal of the meniscus) when she was 17 years old, and arthroscopic surgery years afterward to “clean up” arthritic damage. “I was told 25 years ago I’d need this surgery.” Just 6 days after her replacement, she arrived in our office to start her rehabilitation. (more…)

58 year old Software Tester – Hip Replacement

He underwent a hip replacement a couple of weeks earlier, after suffering for 15 years with arthritis-related hip pain. After performing a few light exercises at home, he was referred for outpatient rehabilitation, with his first priority to get back to work, hiking, biking, and riding his motor cycle. (more…)

31 Year-Old IT Worker with Severe Low Back Pain

After having a month of severe right-sided low back pain – so bad that he had trouble getting out of bed and dressed in the morning – he was referred for physical therapy. It came on out of the blue when he got out of bed one morning. After a steroid pack he was minimally better. He was unable to sit for longer than about an hour, unable to work out, and unable to ride his bike. Unilateral (one-sided) low back pain with rapid onset (starts suddenly) is a common problem. Rapid-onset low back pain many times can be rapidly eliminated as well. (more…)

44 year old Technology Trainer, Hip/Groin Pain

After teaching all day and 3 hours in a car, he had severe right hip pain that was in the groin. He’d had a similar pain in the past, but it would pass in a few minutes. This time he was limping, and it’d been several days without any letup, so he reached out to me via Facebook. (more…)

83 year-old with Chronic Back Pain

Her back pain started about 4 years ago with slowly worsening symptoms since then, and started to have numbness and tingling down her left arm about 6 months before starting therapy. She had a previous corticosteroid injection and physical therapy – massage and light general exercise – which was minimally helpful. Her physician asked her to try again at a new clinic. (more…)

66 y/o Retired Salesman, Knee Replacement

Knee Replacements are a treatment for advanced arthritis of the knee, usually resulting from normal wear and tear or trauma. The cartilage surfaces of the knee are replaced. These new joint surfaces are made of metal alloy and plastic, and (of course) have no nerves, effectively ending the painful cycle. (more…)

39 y/o Active Male, Sales Trainer with Frozen Shoulder

He reports that his pain started gradually, about nine months ago, getting worse over time until he had to start limiting his exercise and began having pain with dressing, grooming, and sleeping. He saw an orthopedist and underwent MRI which showed that he had fraying of his labrum and supraspinatus tendonosis. He was treated for frozen shoulder with subacromial and intra-articular injections, with gave him significant pain relief, but did not improve his ability to move. (more…)

50 year old Consultant with Sciatica

Sciatica that is along the top and/or inside of the thigh is relatively rare, and normally originates from the upper lumbar spine. Care has to be taken to rule out hip arthritis, which can cause pain along the same area. Basic management includes obtaining a baseline of strength and sensation for areas affected by the involved nerve roots. Generally, sciatica of a longer duration, with symptoms that are further from the back, or with more severe signs – weakness, reflex loss, or numbness – is tougher to treat and has a lower chance of resolving with therapy. (more…)

24 y/o Female Professional Musician, Chronic Hip Pain

She began to have a familiar hip pain – from the groin to the outside – that had plagued her previously. She had already underwent hip arthroscopy in Dallas and another arthroscopy in Boston, where her labrum (piece of cartilage in the joint) was repaired. She was hurting bad enough that it was impeding on her daily activities and stopping her from working out. (more…)

61 year-old Mail Carrier with Knee Arthritis

She’s trying to finish out her career before resorting to knee replacement and we’re glad to help! Osteoarthritis of the knee is a common problem and is becoming more common over time due to our aging population overall. While knee replacement is a great alternative for most, the lengthy rehabilitation process, time off work, and other factors, make it the wrong option for some. (more…)