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18 y/o Athlete – Scaphoid Fracture

I got a call¬†from his mother telling me that he had some pain in his wrist while¬†lifting weights. He finished the sports season before coming in, though. She asked me to take a look at him, and give any advice I might have on what might be the problem and what he could do about it. He came to the clinic with his dad, with limited wrist movement in all directions, pain along the thumb side (radial side) of the wrist, and no swelling, redness, numbness or tingling. (more…)

Old School Ancient New Age Combo

Athletic tape, acupuncture needles, and a TheraBand Flexbar. What do they have in common? Combining old school, ancient and new age treatments can save money and provide better patient satisfaction. (more…)

Chasing "The Latest Thing"

I recently received a voicemail message from a former patient (whose son I had also treated) asking if I practice a specific proprietary, trademarked, and well-publicized technique. I responded via email, and then realized that this response could have been written a dozen or so times over my previous 17 years as a therapist, so I ought to just make a generic letter regarding all such techniques: (more…)