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Clinic Closing – Thank You for Your Support

12 years ago I opened my doors in Carrollton on Josey Lane. I had come from managing large facilities and was eager to get out on my own. My goal was (more…)

Mean Tweets for YOUR Benefit

I am a very compassionate and congenial person. That’s why I’m a PT. So why do I mean tweet insurance companies? (more…)

North Texas Specialty Physicians (NTSP)

Due to policy and procedures established by your insurance company, you may experience a delay of up to 30 days before starting physical therapy. The situation is currently not under our control. (more…)

Molina Healthcare

We have been members of the Molina provider network since 2012, however last fall, Molina refused payment on services on the grounds that we were not in their provider network. (more…)

“Faux-sical Therapy” Identity Crisis

In this world of intense marketing and endless¬†choices, people are always attempting to re-brand, or even un-brand themselves. Looking online for a church a few years ago, I found that many appeared at first to be non-denominational, but were in fact, part of a mainstream denomination. For reasons known only to them, they had dropped the denomination from their name, or buried it under the “What We Believe” page. The same is becoming more and more true of health care providers and products. (more…)

More Ways to Pay!

We’ve always accepted credit card payments in person and online, but since the page has been overhauled, the location for these payments has changed. We also now have an option to start an automatic debit payment plan online. No forms to file, nobody to call! (more…)

Amerigroup Authorizations

Beginning¬†April 18, 2016, Amerigroup will require all therapy authorization requests to originate from the referring physician’s office. The rules for Amerigroup therapy authorizations have changed about 3 times in the past 18 months, so if you plan to use Amerigroup insurance for your therapy, you need to pay close attention! (more…)

Update: Superior Health

Due to continued problems with obtaining correct/consistent information from provider and customer service representatives, we will be unable to accept Superior Health Plan patients, using their insurance benefits. (more…)

It Must Be More Complicated Than THAT

This is something that goes unsaid in my office, but I can read it on the faces of patients. Today’s patient had suffered 6 months of nagging headaches and neck pain. After a few visits to the doctor for NSAIDs and muscle relaxants, he was referred to a neurosurgeon and pain management physician, an MRI was ordered, and his neurosurgeon referred him to see me. (more…)

Chasing "The Latest Thing"

I recently received a voicemail message from a former patient (whose son I had also treated) asking if I practice a specific proprietary, trademarked, and well-publicized technique. I responded via email, and then realized that this response could have been written a dozen or so times over my previous 17 years as a therapist, so I ought to just make a generic letter regarding all such techniques: (more…)