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Mean Tweets for YOUR Benefit

I am a very compassionate and congenial person. That’s why I’m a PT. So why do I mean tweet insurance companies? (more…)

North Texas Specialty Physicians (NTSP)

Due to policy and procedures established by your insurance company, you may experience a delay of up to 30 days before starting physical therapy. The situation is currently not under our control. (more…)

Molina Healthcare

We have been members of the Molina provider network since 2012, however last fall, Molina refused payment on services on the grounds that we were not in their provider network. (more…)

Can I Just Pay the Cash Discount Price?

If you have a high deductible, a “Cash Discount” sounds like something that could save you money…but the devil is in the details, as the saying goes. (more…)

Humana HMO Gold

This HMO program is for Humana Gold HMO Medicare Advantage customers only. We are in network with all other Humana plans! (more…)

Amerigroup Authorizations

Beginning April 18, 2016, Amerigroup will require all therapy authorization requests to originate from the referring physician’s office. The rules for Amerigroup therapy authorizations have changed about 3 times in the past 18 months, so if you plan to use Amerigroup insurance for your therapy, you need to pay close attention! (more…)

AARP Medicare Complete

This insurance card often does not specify the insurance plan responsible for paying therapy claims. We are assembling a database on phone numbers in the meantime, so if you have AARP Medicare Complete, and we have seen your particular plan before, we should be able to start care the same day. (more…)

Update: Superior Health

Due to continued problems with obtaining correct/consistent information from provider and customer service representatives, we will be unable to accept Superior Health Plan patients, using their insurance benefits. (more…)

Does Dad Really Have Medicare?

A son or daughter (or in-law) will frequently have to take over care for an elderly relative, without any advance notice. Due to the number of alternative plans available today, well-meaning relatives could easily find themselves buried by a mountain of medical bills. (more…)

For State Farm Policy Holders

Approximately 10% – 15% of our therapy is provided to patients who were injured in a car accident. We provide ethical, evidence-based treatment to all clients, and charge all clients the same, fair price for our services. Paying for medical needs with automobile insurance, however, presents certain challenges.  (more…)