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AARP Medicare Complete

This insurance card often does not specify the insurance plan responsible for paying therapy claims. In most cases we can start treatment immediately, occasionally we may require some time to research your plan before starting therapy.

We are assembling a database on phone numbers in the meantime, so if you have AARP Medicare Complete, and we have seen your particular plan before, we should be able to start care the same day. If you happen to know the name of your insurance plan, and have contact information (the number on the back of the AARP Medicare Complete card is NOT your plan’s contact information) then we can complete the process more quickly.

Read on for additional background information regarding the AARP Medicare Complete insurance card Read more

Billing Questions?

I’m sorry…I feel your pain, believe me!

I am not at all patient when a company I patronize messes up my account….

I recently utilized an outside billing company to do an audit of our Accounts Receivables, to determine the source of a shortfall in revenue and questions that were coming up regarding payments that we had received, but had not been posted to patient accounts. I found that the problem was much larger than I realized, and after reviewing the audit findings and our billing assistant’s past performance, she was terminated.

In late August I retained Account Matters to process a list of payments that we had record of, but that had not been applied to patient accounts. They were able to process about $22, 000 before statements were mailed out in September, and was told that they would post their phone number on the statements for patients to call if they had questions or noticed problems.

It was brought to my attention today – through several calls and in-person visits – that they did not place their phone number on the statements as I had believed.

We have a scanned record and database of all payments that we have received, and that record is redundant in that there is an office scan and a bank or credit card vendor scan. We also have a spreadsheet of all credit card payments received – both online and in the office – for the past 18 months that is instantly searchable by name or date.

Wondering what happened to a payment?

Please call Account Matters at (508) 422-0233, and ask for Lisa. You will need to have the approximate date(s) you paid, and method of payment. Examples would be if you paid by check on July 15th of this year, or if you paid using a debit card at your final appointment.

Give her about a week to iron out any problems. If the problem has not been resolved or if you feel you have not received sufficient assistance, please call me and we will make it right.

Update: Superior Health

Due to continued problems with obtaining correct/consistent information from provider and customer service representatives, we will be unable to accept Superior Health Plan patients, using their insurance benefits. Read more

Does Dad Really Have Medicare?

A son or daughter (or in-law) will frequently have to take over care for an elderly relative, without any advance notice. Due to the number of alternative plans available today, well-meaning relatives could easily find themselves buried by a mountain of medical bills. Read more

For State Farm Policy Holders

Approximately 10% – 15% of our therapy is provided to patients who were injured in a car accident. This area of therapy is rife with fraud and abuse, partially due to the rules regarding these claims,  partially due to abuse of those rules, or the situation in general. We provide ethical, evidence-based treatment to all clients, and charge all clients the same, fair price for our services. Read more

Billing/Statement FAQs

Every month we receive calls regarding patient statements.  Most of the questions we are asked are very similar, and fall into the same major categories: Read more

Refund/Return Policy

From time to time, we may have to issue a refund for a patient or insurance payment.  The terms for refunds vary, based on the circumstances. Read more

Notice of Privacy Practices


If you have any questions, please contact our Privacy Office at the address or phone number at the bottom of this notice.

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Explaining Medical Billing and Claims

Can Anyone Really Explain This?

This is the best way that I can think of to explain how medical services are billed and paid for, and it’s by using something that everyone understands – a restaurant.

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Cash and Fee Discounting Policy

In some circumstances, Terry Rehabilitation & Testing, Inc, may be able to extend a discount to those without health insurance coverage or those with a bona fide medical/financial hardship.

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Insurance Network Questions

Do You Accept ____ Insurance?

As a general rule we accept all forms of health and auto insurance. However, there are certain networks to which we cannot gain membership.  We encourage providers to refer patients based on the high quality of care they receive in our clinics, regardless of insurance status. Read more

Medical Billing and Insurance Terms – Defined

The Jargon of Medical Billing and Reimbursement

The terms used to describe medical billing and reimbursement may seem complicated at first, but they are really not very complicated once you know what they mean. This is by no means a comprehensive list, but represents many of our most commonly asked questions: Read more

Personal Attention

What Personal Attention Mean?

When we say that we provide “personal attention” it means that our full attention will be focused on you during your appointment. That means that we don’t split your time with another one, two or even three patients, as is common in some other physical therapy clinics. Read more

Insurance and Billing Policies

Understanding Your Insurance Benefits

We accept almost all forms of insurance, including Worker’s Compensation plans. However, there are literally hundreds of insurance plans out there today, each with different rules on how and when deductibles apply, who you are allowed to see, etc. To get the quickest and most thorough answer, contact us and allow our insurance specialist to get the specifics of your plan and provide you with a detailed explanation. Read more

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