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Billing Questions?

I’m sorry…I feel your pain, believe me!

I am not at all patient when a company I patronize messes up my account….

I recently utilized an outside billing company to do an audit of our Accounts Receivables, to determine the source of a shortfall in revenue and questions that were coming up regarding payments that we had received, but had not been posted to patient accounts. I found that the problem was much larger than I realized, and after reviewing the audit findings and our billing assistant’s past performance, she was terminated.

In late August I retained Account Matters to process a list of payments that we had record of, but that had not been applied to patient accounts. They were able to process about $22, 000 before statements were mailed out in September, and was told that they would post their phone number on the statements for patients to call if they had questions or noticed problems.

It was brought to my attention today – through several calls and in-person visits – that they did not place their phone number on the statements as I had believed.

We have a scanned record and database of all payments that we have received, and that record is redundant in that there is an office scan and a bank or credit card vendor scan. We also have a spreadsheet of all credit card payments received – both online and in the office – for the past 18 months that is instantly searchable by name or date.

Wondering what happened to a payment?

Please call Account Matters at (508) 422-0233, and ask for Lisa. You will need to have the approximate date(s) you paid, and method of payment. Examples would be if you paid by check on July 15th of this year, or if you paid using a debit card at your final appointment.

Give her about a week to iron out any problems. If the problem has not been resolved or if you feel you have not received sufficient assistance, please call me and we will make it right.

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