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A Therapist’s Sales Pitch

Our Philosophy

As you may or may not know, we’re looking to hire a physical therapist and/or licensed physical therapy assistant. If you’ve read over our website, checked our facebook page, or been a patient, you’ll understand that our focus is high-quality work: getting patients back to their lives as quickly as possible, or finding them the correct solution for their problem.

A Therapist’s (bad) Sales Pitch

I discussed this philosophy with a therapist who contacted me about working here. During our discussions, however, he still wanted me to know that his patients, on average, attended more physical therapy visits than did patients of other therapists in his company. He considered this a selling point.

Ha! Think how successful I would feel if only I would work to increase the number of visits each patient had to attend!

Watered Down Medicine

Right now many therapist are paid, directly or indirectly, on how many visits their patients attend, rather than based on the quality of their work and the service they provide their patients. The majority of them are in physician-owned therapy clinics. They provide physical therapy by proxy, many times without a therapist on site.

Imagine paying what you pay for therapy, and arriving for each visit, knowing that the person working with you was working with multiple patients simultaneously, not licensed to perform any particular services, could not assess your condition and change your treatment plan, and was not directly supervised by someone that could either! Think of all the time that would be wasted…and all of the additional visits generated for additional revenue.

It’s like a pharmacist watering down your medicine, so that you have to buy more of it in order to get well.

How I Want To Earn My Living

Patients are never a number or statistic to us: they are people who have brought their problems to us for a solution. If that solution is not going to be therapy, we will discover that quickly and direct you to appropriate care. If the solution is therapy, we will work as hard as possible to solve your problem as quickly and as painlessly as possible, so you will come back with any other problems, and refer friends and relatives with similar problems. We have, and will continue to structure our insurance contracts to reward us for quality care – paying us more for effective treatment, rather than paying more for watered down cough syrup.

Terry Rehabilitation & Testing | Physical Rehabilitation and Functional Testing